What We Do


We were born storytellers. We remain storytellers. We curate and weave local stories together to form a rich, captivating  environment for viewers and advertisers.

We cajole and remind advertisers that media investments should be more than blindly buying audiences. Environment matters. As Jon Steinlauf, President of national ad sales for Scripps Networks told Ad Age, “Where an ad lives is just as important as who it reaches, maybe more.”  Advertisers who limit themselves just to ‘audience buying’ and use only hard metrics to measure effectiveness run the risk of placing advertising in front of people at a time when they aren’t engaging or responding… or, worse, placing their brand in danger of being devalued. Kevin Finn said it beautifully, “Your brand is who you are and how you act. Everything you do is communication. Effective branding makes you visible; it makes you understood. Branding is the most valuable real estate in the world – a corner of someone’s mind.”

We create healthy branding environments for our advertisers, connecting their brands to meaningful life experiences.

We are trusted advisors to our visitors, and we are a welcome “go to guide” for locals looking for what’s new, who’s playing where and what’s happening.

We are there for our audience 24/7/365… on their time table… available when they want… airing only what they want. We are a rich flow of uninterrupted storytelling, offering advertisers unique opportunities to be part of the story, not just inserting spots that interrupt the story viewers are trying to watch.

In order to protect our brand, the Destination Network accepts no negative, political or Per Inquiry advertising. All advertising must be directly relevant to the needs and preferences of our audience.

We are 100% local, 100% positive. We are beautiful to watch, and we are the undisputed authorities on fun!

TV Stations
Atlanta, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Pensacola/Mobile, Panama City, Key West & the Florida Keys!

Destination Network writes and produces virtually all programming seen on all DNET stations.

All of our advertising content must be relevant to the unique interests and preferences of our traveling audience. Spot lengths range from :15 to 5:00.