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Key TV... Key West and the Florida Keys

Simply put, Key TV is paradise… a remarkable television station dedicated to life in the Florida Keys and Key West. Always beautiful, fun and colorful… even awe-inspiring, Key TV is part of the Destination Network - a unique group of Visitor Information stations, providing visitors with facts and insider info they need to make the most of their island vacations, and serving as a trusted advisor to locals on the latest/greatest leisure indulgences. Live 24/7 with award-winning restaurant reviews, special event updates, nightlife and entertainment reviews, arts and sports, as well as hot tips on up ‘n coming trends, Key TV is 100% Good News. No other station offers this kind of hyper-local insight to an otherwise low key and private chain of islands… all in high definition created by a talented team of cutting edge producers. Key TV is filled with gorgeous visuals, colorful and witty reporting by real islanders who live and play in the fabulous Florida Keys and Key West.



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Key TV

830 Crane Blvd
Sugarloaf Key, FL 33042
Phone: (305) 294-9661




ISLAND DAYS - Monday-Friday 6am-10am
A daytime guide to the Florida Keys. Daytime fun and exploration: sports and recreation, attractions, special events, parks and neighborhoods, with shopping reviews, local history and culture.

SNEAK PREVUE - 10am-12pm
A preview of the city's best restaurants and nightlife, with recommendations for lunch spots and the best Bloody Mary's.

DESTINATION TRAVEL - Mon-Wed 12:00pm & 1:00pm
Explore the Florida Key's sister cities throughout the Southeast. Discover the Key's ties to Atlanta, the Gulf Coast of Florida & Alabama, Coastal Carolina and New Orleans

KIDS PROGRAMMING E/I - Monday-Wednesday 12:30pm & 1:30pm
E/I -- Children's Educational Programming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only.

FLORIDA KEYS - 2pm-4pm
Visit the neighborhoods of the Florida Keys. Explore the Keys, parks and historical sites. Have a fun day of fishing. Play world-class golf. Explore award-winning art galleries and museums. Meet local characters, artists and dive into local color.

PRIME DINING - 4pm-7pm
Where are you going to eat tonight? What's for lunch tomorrow? What about breakfast? Prime Dining is three hours of behind the scenes encounters with local celebrity chefs and entertaining restaurant reviews, the best local restaurants, from the classics to the newest and hottest spots. Three hours of non-stop Prime Dining!

Late night Florida Keys -- tune in to the music and entertainment industry, meet the city's best bartenders and get an inside look at the hottest clubs.

TROPICAL NIGHTS - 9:30pm-12am
The Florida Keys Dining and Nightlife at its best! Great restaurants, nightlife and entertainment. Concerts, events, local musicians and entertainers.

NIGHTLIFE - 12am-1am
Late night Florida Keys -- tune in to the music and entertainment industry, meet the city's best bartenders and get an inside look at the hottest clubs.

LATE NIGHT - 1am to 6am
Music clubs, late night entertainment, insider interviews with local musicians and artists, plus a look at the day ahead.

LOCAL NEWS - Fifteen Minute News Update at the Top of the Hour
The latest updates on concerts, festivals, current exhibits and events, plus sports, dining tips and interviews with local personalities.

About Us
The Destination Network is a visitor information network serving resort and cultural markets throughout the southeast. Broadcasting award-winning editorial features, hourly good news updates, and 100% hyper-local content in High Definition across multiple platforms.
Production capabilities and a reputation for quality work are the reasons The Destination Network has been chosen to produce the advertisements for so many clients. When these extended length "Advertorials" air within our targeted programming, the results are staggering.
Destination Network takes traditional and new media and turn them on their heads with innovative campaigns including video, television, web, digital, HD, print and much more! The Destination Network is unique - no other television network reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do.