About Us


Broadcasting locally and streaming world-wide, the Destination Network (DNet) is a visitor information network serving unique beach, island and historic destinations in America’s most beautiful southeastern states… Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

DNet was founded on the principle that people are different when they are on vacation.

We work hard, and we love hard-working people, but, to be honest, people on vacation may just be our favorite people. They are NOT working; they have saved up their money and their precious vacation days to spend with us. They are HAPPY! They are eager. They can’t wait to relax, have fun, try new things, go new places, see things they’ve never seen before, discover things they never knew before… they are high-spirited sponges soaking up everything they can learn about their chosen vacation destination, and we have the best jobs in the world… helping them make the most of their time with us.

Of course, it’s not just vacation that changes human behavior… people behave differently anytime they are removed from their familiar surroundings and routines. People on business trips need us, too – sometimes even more than people on vacation, and they turn to us for information and advice. There is a rapidly increasingly population of business travelers taking advantage of the opportunity to extend their stays and enjoy a little vacation time. ‘Bleisure Travel’ is no longer just another way to say ‘bizcation,’ it’s a real thing, its growing, and we work closely with our destinations to insure that we meet the needs of the well-heeled bleisure audience. Working with CVBs, Chambers of Commerce, State, Regional and local leaders, we encourage business travelers to come early, stay longer and come back often with family and friends to take advantage of every bleisure opportunity.

No other network reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do, and that is important because, once out of their normal routine, travelers are proven to be more present in whatever they are doing, and they are eager to try new things, which creates the ideal audience: engaged, receptive, relaxed, open-minded and seeking new experiences.

TV Stations
Atlanta, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Pensacola/Mobile, Panama City, Key West & the Florida Keys!

Destination Network writes and produces virtually all programming seen on all DNET stations.

All of our advertising content must be relevant to the unique interests and preferences of our traveling audience. Spot lengths range from :15 to 5:00.